The Rosser Road Makeover Matches the Luxury of Calcutta Marble with the Artwork of a Very Talented Marine

The home is wonderous, luxurious and unique, in a word – it’s sexy.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s true, a video is worth a million.  The video of this home takes it to an immeasurable level because of all it features.  The style, the function, the form, the class, and the artistry are outstanding.

Take a look at the tv segment from American Dream TV where I interview Lauren Dickson the designer on the project as we walked through the home:

Lauren Dickson LDI Studio

Have you ever walked through a home that’s been professionally designed, or maybe even a hotel and wondered how it’s done?  There’s a special skill in taking a blank space and turning into something that’s pleasing to the eye, usable, artistic, colorful, not overdone, not underdone, sleek and functional.  Just thinking out being able to bring a home to life in the caliber that Lauren has takes a high level of that special skill, and she has it in spades!

About Lauren

Hailing a degree in design from the University of Arkansas, Miss Dickson jumped into the world of design during one of the worst recessions in American history, started her career in a furniture design store, yet came out with enough business to venture out on her own a few years ago.  Currently, LDI Studios is working on quite a few projects that incorporate both a mix of modern and traditional design with an air of sophistication that many designers fall short of achieving.

To quote Laren’s own words, here’s her aspect on design:  “By using color, texture, balance, and form I create beautiful spaces that meet the needs of my clients. Interior Design is art in its most functional form – we live our lives in it and it should not only reflect who we are but how we live.”

Certainly, what Miss Dickson brings to the table is powerful.  Her work is stunning, done at a fast pace and with such a great attitude that she makes the journey as enjoyable as the outcome!

Want to work with Miss Dickson?  You can contact her by filling out this form:


The Artist Who Served

When one grows up moving across the U.S. several times, serves our country for our twenty-one years (many of those years overseas) and spent most of that time looking around from a helicopter, one gets a very unique perspective.  This history has created the unique perspective of veteran Davide Gail Smith, a Dallas-based visual artist, freelance code developer and adjunct undergraduate lecturer at Southern Methodist University, Meadows Schools of the Arts.

Making David’s view even more fascinating is that he spent much of his military service flying helicopters. Dave finished Army flight training in 1993.  He flew the UH-1 Huey and the UH-60 Blackhawk until 2000 when he left the active Army.  He returned to active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard in 2002 and flew the MH-65 Dolphin for 12 years, retiring in 2014.  Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, Smith moved across the U.S. several times while growing up and served nearly half of his military career overseas.

Smith’s eclectic work experiments across media and involves emotional introspection of his experiences and influence on others in the world.  He is on an eternal quest for themes that bind people, blend cultures and celebrate humanity.  His pieces often challenge stereotypes and transcend divisive, social, and political boundaries.  With one foot in the world of painting and one world in the world of computers, he readily combines art with technology, the traditional with the cutting-edge, and the ancient with the futuristic.  As such, his work explores the space between fine art painting and computer coding, in search of an art that is the hybrid of historical tradition and future technology.

Do you want to see how David perceives you?  Contact him here:

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