Identity House Welcomes Professional Agent Rob McConnell to Our Team!

We’re growing our team at Identity House Real Estate here in Dallas!

It’s not every day you come by a true professional, but here at Identity House we seem to attract them and our latest addition to the team is a true professional.
Rob McConnell attended Baylor University and the University of Texas at Arlington.  He has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and was an area manager for an electronics company in Dallas/Fort Worth.  He is a results-driven leader and recognized as a strong recruiter and trainer.  
He currently lives in Keller, Texas with his wife and three children.  Rob takes great pride in his family and loves to spend time having fun doing things like fishing and traveling!


What Sets Rob Apart?

Rob has a motto that he works and lives by:   The best interests of my clients will always come first and ahead of my own.  I am dedicated to the development of long-term relationships with my clients and my vendors.
Those are great rules to live by and why Rob can provide professional, informative, and dedicated to giving the best possible service!

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