Identity House Real Estate Takes 2nd Place in Keller Williams Award Ceremony

We’re definitely not your average real estate company.  We’re unique in many ways that all work well together. We’re a team that’s eager to get started every morning, which begins around 7 in our office and is situated in the Keller Williams Plano building.  It’s a fast pace on a daily basis, and every morning starts off a little like this: Mary Jo, our Operations Manager, has everything prepared for the day, every piece of paper needed is ready to go, whether it’s an electronic folder or an actual form. Everyone who needs to be contacted to make sure transactions are running on time, she’s called, emailed or has been communicated with via text. Whatever it takes.

She is also prepared for every contingency and tries her best to think three steps ahead of what else we could possibly need. We’re organized and it’s all thanks to her!

My job, the part most people don’t see, is best described as a juggler. I juggle every part of each listing and the people involved. This can be communicating or negotiating with other agents, lawyers, engineers, inspectors, banks, appraisers, miscellaneous other people and most importantly, our clients. It’s the same when we work with buyers. Then there’s the running of the business. I need to know where we are at all times.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do! There’s nothing else I would rather do.

It is nice to be appreciated for the hard work though and once a year our broker, Keller Williams, does that in a very stylish way.

Our office puts on a wonderful banquet where we celebrate with each other some of the successes and achievements that we’ve accomplished throughout the year. We cheer each other on and laugh and joke and have a great time.

There is a bit of competitive spirit between us all, but it’s pretty lighthearted. We learn here at KW that other Realtors aren’t our greatest competition.

It’s ourselves.

When we succeed at high levels through continued education, skill-building, and goal-setting, we’re too busy to worry about what anyone else is doing. Our life is too full, too enriched and we’re having too much fun to have our focus anywhere else but on what’s really important!

So you see, our award ceremony is more than awards, it’s a celebration of people who are living by these guidelines and living their lives by their own design.

Identity House Real Estate was recognized for our efforts at this year’s banquet by receiving the following awards:

Team awards
Quadruple gold

2nd place closed units (48 units)

GCI (top 5 teams)
2nd place closed GCI $455k

We’re thankful and humbled to receive them. We value them.

We also value what our clients have to say about working with us, like what the Perry’s had to say:

If you are looking for a place to call home for you and your family, Noe and Kelly De Leon, along with assistant Mary Jo, are the perfect team to help you realize this dream. One complaint that I have often heard from many people who have used other realtors is that the realtors are never accessible which is extremely important in the competitive house hunting market we are in today. My husband and I NEVER had that issue with Noe and team. They went above and beyond, even after hours to accommodate our busy schedules to ensure we found the home of our dreams (and believe me we looked at what seems like over 100+ houses…lol). They are knowledgeable realtors who are well connected within the industry and are able to find out about many homes prior to them officially going on the market. They overly communicate with their clients and as first-time home buyers they walked us through the entire process to the very end. Glad to have them in our lives and highly suggest anyone shopping for a home to use this phenomenal team! They are our realtors for life!

Wow!  That to us is a REAL reward.  It shows us that what we do every day shows in the experience we strive to give our clients.

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