3 EMPTY NESTER Secrets You Never Knew

Are you an Empty Nester?  The answer might surprise you.

The simple definition of an ‘Empty Nester’ is someone whose children have grown up and left the home.

The general image of the Empty Nester is an older person with no children still living at home.  That image, however, is changing and the Empty Nester of yesterday is not the norm of today.

3 ‘Empty Nester’ Secrets Explained

  1. Almost One-Half of Empty Nesters are Still Working – The age range of Baby Boomers is 50-69 and most of those are working professionals.  The same is true for the younger group of people entering the Empty Nester category.  They’re still working, still keeping the same routines they created when they had young children at home and needed to entwine any primary or high school schedules into work into their days.  They have had a big life change but are still going through the motions of a schedule started a long time ago.
  2. Empty- Nesters May Use as Little as 1/4 of Their Current Home –  When the family was younger and all living under the same roof, the whole house was definitely needed, and maybe circumstances arose where they could have used an even larger home, say if out-of-town relatives frequently visited for extended stays or the family had an unexpected child (or had twins-triplets, etc. ).  Whatever the reasons, the homes many Empty Nesters live in now are way too large for what they really need.  Having extra space is one thing, but paying for the maintenance on that too-large home and mowing that too-large lawn or even paying that too-large monthly energy bill can leave you exhausted, not to mention fiscally poorer.  You really have to ask yourself the question:  Is it worth paying an energy bill that’s calculated for 3 x’s the space you are currently using just to remain in a family home.
  3. The Decision to Downsize Can Be Down-Right Painful.  –  This is the part of the process that surprises many people.  They tend to believe that it’s just a matter of packing some old items into boxes and then driving those to the local charity to donate.  The truth is downsizing can be a very emotional chore as you go through years of memories you’ve spent in the home.  The entire project can become overwhelming once you realize it’s size, as most people discover when they begin and confusing as you try to figure out what you should keep, give away, donate or trash.  Like we said, it’s a much larger task that it seems once you get into it and you really need a plan to get you through it.

The Professionals

This month, I was interviewed by Amy Scruggs for American Dream TV in a nationally broadcasted show on the subject of being an Empty Nester and you’ll be surprised when we watch the interview at which of us (Amy or myself or maybe even both) are empty nesters.

The reason for the interview was simple.  I needed to get the truth out about what it really means to be an Empty Nester and what kind of services are really required when dealing with downsizing.  Here I speak about the process and what professionals need to be involved in order to achieve the smoothest transition.

Here’s the interview (and remember to try and catch which of us are the Empty Nesters):

Looking Forward

Did you catch it?  Could you believe who it was?  That just proves our point that being an Empty Nester in 2019 isn’t the same as being one in 1969 or even 1999.  Times have changed and that is really great news because if you, after reading this post and watching the interview, realize you are an Empty Nester, you’re in the right spot.

We’re taking an in-depth look at how you can change that to live an Empty-Nester lifestyle with more time, money and less clutter.  Let’s face it this isn’t a topic that can be covered in one simple post.

Make sure to follow our four-part series on ‘Winning at Being an Empty Nester’. You can be on your way to a whole new life.

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